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In other words,
Unless you're my friend.

So don't use, steal, copy, trace, use as base, for RP, as icon etc. Just NO. Otherwise you'll be blocked and reported.

Just don't.

I'll accept some requests, but Requests - Friends Only by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDukeTrades - Open by SweetDuke

Requests and Commissions to do:

:bulletblue: Done
:bulletgreen: Submitting / Finished Digitizing
:bulletyellow: Digitizing / Finished Drawing
:bulletorange: Drawing
:bulletred: Haven't started
:bulletblack: Awaiting Request

Random Favourites

I apologize for not commenting when I :+fav:, but seriously, you can't keep randomly :+fav: like fifteen thousand arts without commenting though. Also I don't need to be thanked for the :+fav: or anything, because it's too much of that.


Character Art (Single)
Aaron - The Original by TheShootingStar98
Darky the Rex - Back in Action by TheShootingStar98
Kooptaro Troopa by TheShootingStar98
Simple and easy. Only one character.
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Tell me which form you want, and I'll do it just for you. No, this isn't any of that TF crap or anything like that, it's just you in a different form. 
Character Art (Duo/Group)
A Bigger and Better Team by TheShootingStar98
A Bigger and Better Team 2 by TheShootingStar98
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A bit challenging. You can request more than one character.
Palette Swaps
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You want 7 more colors of your characters? You've came to the right place.
Note: This is inspired by Smash Wii U and 3DS.
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. by TheShootingStar98
[Gift] Me and my bro Droshi by TheShootingStar98
Everything will be okay. by TheShootingStar98
Your characters (and other people's if wanted) doing some act or whatnot. Background included.



Aaron Chambers
Artist | Student
United States
Kirbian: 30,000

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  • Mood: Artistic
  • Watching: Diddy Kong Racing Playthrough
Okay, I've been writing down on a piece of paper about what textures I've plan to do, and I got these down:

1. Baby Mario in Mario's Blue color in Smash Bros.
2. Baby Luigi in Luigi's Orange color in Brawl
3. Shy Guy over Baby Daisy with sound edits
4. Blue Toad
5. Yellow/Gold Toadette
6. Black Koopa Troopa
7. Totodile over Dry Bones
8. Mario's Black color in Smash Bros.
9. Luigi's Blue color in Smash 4
10. Peach's Fire Flower color
11. White Mage over Daisy with sound edits
12. Light Blue Yoshi with lime shoes (based off of smwforever45's OC Aero)
13. Kamek over Birdo with sound edits
14. Diddy Kong's Purple color in Brawl
15. Bowser Jr. in Bowser's Blue color in Melee
16. Wario's White color in Brawl
17. Donkey Kong's Black color in Smash Bros.
18. Bowser's White color in Brawl
19. Rosalina's Black color in Smash 4
20. Petey Piranha over Funky Kong with voice edits

Oh god, 20? o_o That's a lot.

That means I have:
- 15 Textures to make
- 1 Character to replace without voice edits
- 4 Characters to replace with voice edits

So what I need for you guys to do is to vote here: and comment to tell me what I should do and leave out. Thank you.

- Aaron
  • Mood: Delighted
Well, I just have some things to change up and bring back.

Aaron the Hammer Bro by TheShootingStar98YouTube
It seems to be my second year anniversary on YouTube today, so I've been improving and I'm also bringing back the old stuff from the past because I like how it looks already, or maybe I have to remake it or something. We'll see.

Aaron McCloud by TheShootingStar98Project M
Today Project M 3.5 was suppose to come out, but it's pretty much delaying on us, so for a while, I'll just stick with 3.02 version with the Smash 4 editions because it's pretty much more fun that way. For those of you non-game modifiers that don't know how to customize things, just look in the SD Card>projectm>pf folder, and look inside, you'll see some stage, music, sound effect and character files in there. You can customize music and textures and other cool things.

Aaron Troopa Again by TheShootingStar98CTGP Revolution
I've decided to start over on Mario Kart Wii Hacks... AGAIN. Why? I just feel like it, and I also feel like I didn't do anything right. This will start off with Pipe Frames over standard karts and Arcade Karts over the Blooper karts. Also replacing Baby Daisy, Birdo and Funky Kong with Shy Guy, Kamek and Petey Piranha with sound effects. If that's too much work to do, then I'll just replace Dry Bones with Totodile again. =P

Morton by TheShootingStar98Mario Kart 8
Man, the DLC is awesome. I like the reappearance of SNES Rainbow Road and Yoshi Circuit! =D I also like that Link came in to outrun those other racers out there. x3 *New Main: Link* So I'll most likely use Morton and Link. I've also gotten better with the inside drifting bikes, so that pretty much makes sense.

That's all to share with you guys. ^^

Aaron's Yoshi Form Update by TheShootingStar98 Okay, for my Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Project M, I was thinking of doing something that has something to do with dino business again. I should probably do texture hacks of our Yoshi OC's on deviantART. The thing is what can be edited are the shoes, the spines, the skin, the belly if it's a different color than white, and the saddle which can be removed if you don't need it. Just comment or PM me for your request, and I'll do it. If it has to have some extra materials and crap, I'm not doing it. Thank you.

- Aaron

P.S: I did pretty much a few of them for a few of my friends even they didn't ask.

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